A new destination for your enjoyment at and away from the bridge table!

The Bella Vista DBC is a member of Unit 247 and is a part of the community of Bella Vista.  Bella Vista is a private 36,000-acre, member-based recretional community in Northwest Arkansas offering seven golf courses, seven stocked private lakes, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, parks, pavillions, recreation centers, a gun range, an RV Park and many other amenities.

To participate in these amenities, one must be either a member of the Bella Vista Village Property Owners Assoication (POA) or the guest of a member.  To learn more about the POA go to https://bellavistapoa.com/about-us/ .

Bella Vista was recently ranked one of America's Top 10 Best Healthy Place to Retire by the U.S. News & World Report and one of the Top 25 best places for affordable homes by CNN Money.com and Money Magazine.  Bella Vista also ranks as one of the safest communities to live in the United States.

Country living and city close is what makes Bella Vista so special to its 38,400 residents and nonresident property owners.  Homes in Bella Vista, in addition to their affordability, are not stacked up against each other in a one-size-fits-all panoply of boredom like you'd fine in Bentonville and other nearby communities.

Since Bella Vista has a reputation as a 'retirement'community, you can find endless opportunities to play bridge and other card games here.  You can play duplicate bridge two days a week in Bella Vista.  You can also find sanctioned games within easy driving distance from Bella Vista another three days out of the week.

The Bella Vista DBC has a reputation as a club where you can play sociable and serious bridge at the same time.  In addition to a warm and welcoming environment, classes are offered for beginning and intermediate players as well as special games and tournaments that cater to newer duplicate players.

Bella Vista, AR…